We’re not a choir, we’re a band! But we did start as a choir, performing one-offs at various fundraisers around Winnipeg.  But then we got a bass player! And two guitars! And a glockenspiel!  Did you know that Santana has up to 13 members? What are they up to these days? So yeah, we’re a band, performing predominantly original songs that feature all the things we love: harmony, washboards and dogs.

Warning: Strong language, alternative lifestyles, banjo.

Band members include: Michelle Boulet, Sarah Constible, Dora Carroll, Claire Friesen, Laura Olafson, Liz Quesnel, Jan Skene, Jane Testar, Alissa Watson and Melanie Whyte

FuFu like

“Crazy Crazy Fancy Fancy” ” – but which one is which….

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